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We’re proud to host a variety of events that provide guidance and insight on how you can reach your financial goals.

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Working Days over Christmas

December 7, 2017The holiday period is fast approaching and for us lawyers it means lazy summer days with a glass of Pimm’s by the pool.  However, for clients and real estate agents it can be a time of confusion and frustration as to what’s happening when. Under the ADLS agreement the definition of ‘working day’ excludes any day in the period from ... Read More

The Bright-line test

October 30, 2017Most of you will have heard the term ‘Bright-line test’ being passed around in conversation, but how many people really understand what it means? This article explains what the bright-line test is and how it’s applied.   The bright-line test will apply to residential properties for which an agreement to purchase (note this isn’t settlement date) was entered into, on ... Read More

What to look out for in a LIM report

October 9, 2017Like most lawyers, we encourage our clients looking at a property to get a LIM report.  A strong move towards vendors providing LIMs has meant we’re reviewing more than ever before.   You may have come across lawyers who strongly recommend that purchasers get their own LIM and that they shouldn’t rely on one provided by a vendor. The reason for ... Read More

Selling a tenanted property?

September 30, 2017As we’re sure you have experienced, selling a tenanted property can have its complexities. So, we thought it would be useful to recap a few of the important things to be aware of. Landlords must let their tenants know their selling Landlords must let their tenants know in writing that they’re selling the property. While most landlords know this, it’s ... Read More